Backyard Abundant

Learn how to garden with Teach Me To Grow....ONLINE!

Anyone can get healthy, organic food growing right in their backyard and there's never been a better time than now to get Growing!

Backyard Abundant is a 12 week online gardening course that takes students through 8 learning modules guiding you through the basics of everything from set-up to harvest.

We believe simple is better, and there's nothing more important than learning the fundamentals of what creates a thriving garden to ensure your success!

Enrolling in Backyard Abundant gives you access to:

  • 8 pre-recorded modules of step-by-step guidance
  • A weekly LIVE Q & A session with the instructor via zoom
  • The opportunity to interact with other students and the instructor in a private, student-only facebook group throughout the course

Think of enrolling in Backyard Abundant as your personal training with the gardening experts!! We are here to teach you exactly what you need to know to create and maintain a productive backyard FOOD GARDEN! 

The Spring 2022 course starts April 5th and runs 12-weeks through June 28th.  Throughout the course you will receive one of the 8 modules each week (this helps you pace your progress and get the most out of each module)! Once all modules have been released, you have access to all the material for a lifetime!

Throughout our 12 weeks together

you will learn…


  • The necessary tools and supplies needed to create and cultivate a healthy garden
  • How to map out an efficient garden design and layout to optimize your garden space
  • About the importance of water in the garden and how to get a basic irrigation system going in your space
  • About healthy soil and how to cultivate this important foundation in your own garden
  • Basic plant parts and functions that will help you grow healthier plants 
  • Proper timing of when to plant which crops based on your growing zone
  • Harvesting and fertilizing techniques so you can harvest plants at peak nutrition
  • How to troubleshoot common issues in the garden so you know what to expect and can respond timely and confidently

"Teach Me To Grow's instructor, Andrea, is a professional at breaking-down veg gardening into clear, undaunting yet thorough concepts. Excelling at instruction, she brings the subject to life through real life examples, clear demonstrations and deep knowledge of the field.  Andrea’s students are always set up to apply new knowledge and succeed in their food-production gardens".

 - Ashley Kruger, Chief Education Coordinator, Gardens On Spring Creek


“Andrea is an amazing grower of all things veg, herb, and floral. She is one of the most creative, skilled, and detail oriented garden educators that I know”

- Amy Kousch, Founder & CEO, Berchta Botanicas


Lauren went from a total weed patch to a thriving side yard garden full of organic produce.


The stress of having to do everything yourself is completely relieved when you enroll with Teach Me To Grow. I was amazed to watch my garden materialize by following the easy steps laid out in the course. I'm still receiving advice about how to deal with bugs and weeds even after I paid through the facebook group! Bottom line is, TMTG is on a passionate mission to enable everyone to grow food wherever they live (or work!). I would recommend this experience to anyone who's ever wanted to have a garden but doesn't know how to start.” -Lauren, Homeowner, Fort Collins, CO

Jason learned more in one season with Teach Me To Grow than in the last 15 years of trying gardening on his own with books and free content.


It has been such a pleasure learning from Andrea and her team for the last year and a half, and I’ve learned more during this time than the last 15 years of gardening, reading, and learning on my own. We took on a much larger garden plot this past Summer and needed help with the details. Teach Me to Grow’s real skill is in helping myself and my family learn so that we are better gardeners on our own, able to grow healthier, better food at home. One of my first memories working with Andrea was explaining how I went about seeding trays in our little greenhouse. “That sounds like a lot of work,” she said. “Here’s an easier way that takes less time and works just as well.” My wife liked her immediately. She has such extensive knowledge of horticulture, soil, harvesting and other essential gardening practices, and she uses that knowledge to help us make gardening easier and more fun. If we encounter a problem where she’s at a loss, which is rare, she’ll do the research to make sure we get the problem solved. I highly recommend Teach Me to Grow, and would be happy to talk further with anyone who wants to hear about our experience.” Jason, Homeowner, Loveland, CO

Kaitlin had a great first year and cant wait for next season!


A small garden was already installed at our new home landscape but we had no idea how to plant it, or what soil to put in. The work we did with Teach Me To Grow showed us exactly how to plant, what to amend with , and how to care for the garden. We are excited each year to plant anew and harvest fresh veggies from our backyard garden. -Kaitlin, Denver, CO

What’s Inside Backyard Abundant?


A Snapshot of what to expect in each of the 8 Modules!

Each module contains 4-5 lessons that consists of a pre-recorded instruction video and supporting documents like print-out worksheets, templates, calendars and more to help you easily plan and plant your garden.  


Module 1:

Our Plant Roots

Before your roots can grow, you need to connect to your motivation behind gardening. Are you creating a garden as a hobby? To replace grocery staples? To spend more time with nature? Connecting with your goals is an important first step that will enhance your gardening experience.


  •  Discover the WHYs that keep you motivated! These points will fuel your progress throughout the course any beyond!
  • Connect to your garden. A garden is a living system, to be a successful grower,  you need to view the garden in this way. We show you how!
Module 2

Laying the Groundwork

In this module, you will survey your landscape, selecting the most optimal placement for a new garden or uncover pitfalls and create solutions if you already have a garden set up.

We'll walk you through creating a step-by-step timeline of action items to help you execute garden set-up or revisions.


  •  Identify areas for optimal garden placement and note existing features in the landscape that you can use to your benefit.
  • Sketch out a practical garden design that will work best within your space. 
  • Map out a realistic timeline to help you keep on track with your garden to-do's 
Module 3

Creating the Ecosystem

Dive into the various elements of a healthy garden system like soil, amendments, water and irrigation, sun hours, and airflow to help you create a thriving garden. 

We’ll also take a detailed look at water in the garden  and you’ll outline an irrigation plan that will work for you.


  • Explore soil types and amendments that you can apply to your garden soil to help you grow healthy, nutritious food.
  • Map out a basic irrigation system for your garden that will deliver the right amount of water consistently. We'll show you how easy it is!
  • Learn about other environmental factors that contribute to the success of your garden
Module 4

Plants As Individuals

This module is what really sets Backyard Abundant apart from other online courses!  

Learning basic plant anatomy and functions and how they apply to your garden makes a massive difference in being able to grow plants successfully.


  • Gain a basic understanding of the plant parts and functions important for healthy growth.
  • Harness the knowledge of working with plants intuitively from a springboard of this basic plant knowledge
  • Learn how plants interact with other elements in the ecosystem (soil, water..). This helps you be able to make important observations and adjustments
Module 5

Plant Groups for Easy Growing

In this module, we cluster plants that share similarities into groups to help you navigate planting timing, spacing and placement like a pro. 

We've done all the hard work for you so you can use these groups to plug and play!


  • Create a feasible grow list of crops that will give you the most harvest value in your garden space
  • Know which plants prefer cooler temps and which need the warmth, this will help you create a successful planting calendar and better harvests throughout the season 
  • Learn how to place an efficient seed order and how it saves you time and money throughout the seasons
Module 6

Crafting Your Garden Layout and Planting Calendar

In Module 6, you’ll create an efficient garden layout that maximizes your space AND you’ll outline a seamless planting calendar of when to plant and sow each crop. 

We’ve created foolproof templates for you to follow that make this process super easy! And of course... we show you how!


  • Create a clear, concise planting calendar to keep you on track with planting and sowing.
  • Use the plant groupings you learned combined with step-by-step instruction to help you plan a successful garden layout
  •  Learn how a proper layout boosts plant health, prevents pest and disease invasion and gives you bigger harvests 
Module 7

Garden Techniques You Need to Know

The swarm of varying advice on how to garden can be overwhelming! So in this single module, we've streamlined the baseline techniques you need to know to grow! 


  • Learn how to care for your seedlings before and after they’ve sprouted.
  • Learn about basic fertilization and how this can skyrocket production and plant health. (We always teach organic methods!)
  • Quick harvest tutorials show you when to harvest so you can enjoy peak nutrition from your plants
Module 8


Here, we'll cover some of the most common gardening issues and show you how to prevent and manage them.


  • Discover how to effectively troubleshoot using the knowledge and resources you’ve learned in this course
  • Be prepared with what to look out for surrounding common pests and diseases
  • Learn basic pest management (always organic), and about other common harvest hindrances (e.g. hail damage prevention!)


4 Integration Weeks are included throughout the course after modules 3, 7 and 8. No module is released during the integration weeks! This allows you to catch up on previous modules and apply the skills and knowledge to your garden. 

Plus, we're including a few Bonuses to Supercharge your Momentum!

Bonus 1

The Intuitive Gardener’s Handbook

A series of quick but powerful exercises to help cultivate your intuitive greenthumb and connection to plants.

(A $22 value)

What You’ll Get:

  • The PDF download of our exclusive Intuitive Gardener’s Handbook giving you over 10 transformative exercises you can easily implement into your everyday life to start seeing, thinking, and feeling like a grower.
Bonus 2

Complete Guide to Basic Garden Irrigation

A robust but easy-to-follow guide outlining the top three most simple and effective home garden irrigation set-ups. (P.S. Irrigation is a game-changer!)

(A $40 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Diagrams showing you EXACTLY how to set up consistent and automated watering in your garden 
  • Concise shopping lists of the parts and pieces you will need for each system
  • Pros and Cons of each system to help you navigate to the system that is right for you 
Bonus 3

The 3 Year Soil-Building Roadmap

Map out an easy-to-execute 3 year soil plan for your garden based on a formula we created to help make the easy process!

(A $35 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • The Soil Building Schematic that provides a high level overview of the soil building process so you know exactly what to expect and what you're working towards 
  • A flow diagram guiding you to identify your current soil condition and matching it with amendments to bring it into balance
  • A simple process of how to locate and select quality amendments in your area 
  • A list of additional readings and resources to help you build your soil knowledge
  • A compilation of our all-time favorite amendments so you can cut right to the chase

Plus, You’ll be backed by a 30 -Day Guarantee

Backyard Abundant is a step-by-step garden education program for new and beginner gardeners who are excited and COMMITTED to creating a functional and thriving backyard food garden!

Our instructor, Andrea, is here to support you every step of the way throughout the course!

By the end of this 30 day period, you will have received the first three modules of material and instruction.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated about making your garden a reality, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the effort, and we’ll refund your money. Full details here.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Instructor...

Hi! I'm Andrea, owner, operator and educator for Teach Me To Grow!

I have 10 years of professional growing experience in every realm of horticulture from public display gardens, commercial greenhouse production, to traditional farming, but I am most passionate about growing ORGANIC FOOD!

I founded Teach Me To Grow 5 years ago to help new and beginner gardeners set-up healthy, thriving food gardens through in-person one-on-one coaching and instruction. I've set up over 50 successful backyard gardens and am now taking everything I know and turning into an online course so I can help more people get Growing!

If you are ready to step into growing your own food at home, I hope you'll trust me to take you through the process of getting set up and growing successfully!


If you have questions about the course, don't hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]. I'd love to chat with you about your garden plans!